Open Day and Some Coaching March 25 2021


Michael at Adams Motorsports Park

Hondas never break.  Sort of those famous last words.   Since the last time of messing with the kart, I thought it was just bad gas.  So changed the gas, got the carb stack up of gaskets right. It seemed to take throttle ok off the ground. The pull starter was looking a little worse for wear, so I ordered a new one, along with some gaskets. 

Getting ready to go on track.

Decided to do a little coaching with Troy Adams Coaching.  Its best to try and teach some of the fundamentals early. 

Tony talking with Michael

And of course the pull starter on the Honda broke.  Plus it really didn't like to take throttle at the tip in. 

The pull starter was cracked for a bit, but decided to eat a grommet

New part was already on order

We borrowed a kart from the track and kept going.  There was another boy there with a Kart, and a Comer 50 cc 2 stroke engine. 

After a track walk, Michael and Adam went back out.  When Adam was passing Michael, there was a little side to side kart action.  Overall was a fun day. Michael was learning. He missed a few calls to slow down.  He seemed to enjoy himself.    I also ordered another carb for the engine, to see if I can make it a little happier for next time out. 

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