Test Day at Adams Motorsports Park 3/13/21

Michael in his Top Kart Kids kart at Adams Motorsports Park

We met up with Mike and Krista Kojima at Adams Motorsports Park on March 13th. It was a race day that day, but we went just to test out the karts.  Thanks also to an old friend Shane Cox for the race suit. His daughter outgrew it, and he sent it to us. 

Michaels first time out, he went out alone, but he didn't know the way the track went. Since there were several configuration options, he sort of just drove around how he felt.  The second session he followed Krista, and he started to understand the track. 

Lots of families and kids at the track. Nice people. Very helpful.  Thank you to everyone that was there.  When Michael wasn't on track, he was running around with all the kids there. It was hard at times to get him to come back and drive. 

We had some issues with the carb, and the kart running funny. We did pull the carb off and cleaned it, but it looked pretty good. The carb/airbox/gaskets stack up on one of these things is a bit complicated to get all back together. I needed some grease or gasket tack to get it right. I think at least once I had a gasket off.  It would idle, but not take throttle.  

We also had the clutch bolt, a 4.5 mm that is close to the seat back off. When that happened, the chain came off.  I had to go out and push the kart off the track. 

Once I got home, I messed with it a long time. Drained the gas. It had a bit of a red/orange tint to it. Didn't smell bad, but either way, got new gas. Took it apart, cleaned it. Pulled it all down. Put it back together, more of the same.  Finally I think I had a gasket backwards in the stack of airbox, gasket, carb, gasket, plastic insulator, gasket, head.  Hopefully it will be good for the next time. 

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