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Michaels First Set of Hoosier Tires

  Michaels first set of Hooisers. The Hooisers are the spec tire for the kid karts.  Picked them up from Acceleration Karting in Las Vegas. The R60B (Medium Hard) compound tire likes 14-16 psi cold of tire pressure. The size is 4.5/10.0-5

Open Practice and First Race with Tri-C Karters : Adams April 10 2021

  Michael in his go kart We went out to Adams Motorsports park for open practice on April 10, 2021. It was a kart only day as Tri-C Karters was holding a race that night.  I figured if Michael liked it and wanted to stick around, we could race. Making it a super long day. We got to Adams right around 8:45 am.   This was around 8 pm. Nearly 12 hours at the track. He said he wasn't tired.  Suited up, getting ready to race Eight kids karts the first race. Night race. This was nearly 9 pm.