Duneracer and Testing the GoPro Hero 7 Black


The Duneracer is a Power Wheels alley find that didn't work. After messing around with the shifter, adding a battery connector, and eventually changing the motors and gearboxes, Michael has some fun in it.  It has the ability to run the 19.2 volt Craftsman batteries, or the 40 volt Ryobi battery.  The Duneracer has plastic wheels, so it mostly just spins the tires. Spinning the tires saves the gearboxes. 

The GoPro Hero 7 can show speed and g forces, so also testing that out here. Will be interesting to get it on the Topkart.  According to GoPro and Dragy, the Duneracer does about 7-8 mph. Although downhill maybe 9 mph. 

I used a Deutsch connector, but I will probably change it to an Anderson connector

40 volt Ryobi setup. 

This was an old charger for the Craftsman 19.2 batteries. This doesn't positively lock on, but it works ok. Not great, just OK

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