July 18 at Adams Motorsports Park


July 18th, Sunday seemed like a good day to go back to Adams.  I did a little bit of work to the kart, and it was a time to try it out again.  Mike, Chuck and Odi all came out with their kids.  Michaels kart also has the sticker upgrades. It was going to be another hot day, 99 is what it said, so we knew it was probably going to be an early day. 

Michaels kart didn't seem to be that happy. I ended up cleaning the carb, and it was better, but still seemed a bit off. That carb is irritating me. Its the 2nd carb, I am leaving it drained. I tried some pure 92 no ethanol fuel. It still seems to be getting clogged up. Mike also speculated that I might have the oil level too high, and so that is acting as a bit of a governor. I drained some oil out of it, and it seemed to get some revs, but I still think its off.  It seemed to be missing a few mph in a straight line. 

So Michael and Kai did come together at one point.  Michael was passing on the front straight section, basically right in front of us. Michael tried to pass, the wheels came together, the kart got airborne. The sequence from the GoPro is below. 

Hey there looks like there is space. 

Yes still sort of looks like there is space.

There is a lot more sky in this shot than the last shot as Michael goes airborne

The nose is pointed into the ground a bit. 

Hey there is Kai

Lets just go off into the dirt. 

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