July 2nd at Adams Motorsports Park - Topkart

Michael sitting in front of the Ryobi 18v cooler fan

Decided to go to the kart track before the 4th of July trip.  I just installed the Aim Mychron 5 dash onto the kart, and I wanted to try that out. Michael seems to be enjoying driving the kart, so we need to get some data to see where we are.   I knew it was going to be hot. Adams is running night practice on Tuesday and Thursday, but honestly the temperature difference night to early in the morning is about the same.  So decided to go to the track on July 2nd, Friday.  Stay until we melted. 

Some learning moments in that video. 

Our setup at the track. You need a tent/shade out in Riverside. 

We were the only ones at the track for a few hours. Michael went out and drove around for a bit.  Then after a few hours, Ivan and Adam came to the track. Adams kart just got a Honda 50 on it, and it was pretty healthy and quick. 

Best lap was a 1:12.1 AIM Racestudio Analysis

However, the kart kept tossing the chain.  Fun with used karts. I had the bolt on the clutch come out before, and it was a hassle to get tight.  I checked it before I went, but it backed out several times.  Its a 4.5 mm allen head, and on this chassis no easy way to get at it from any angle without taking the seat out.  I am going to drill an access hole in the seat, and put some blue Loctite on the screw.  Plus you have to hold the crank bolt/pull starter to try and get it tight. 

I also think it destroyed/lost a washer on the clutch assembly. It actually looks like its supposed to have two washers on it. One inside, one outside. I got a spare, but I now need one more. 

Best of 1:12.1 is still about 15 seconds faster than his first race best. He needs about 8 seconds more or so to be competitive in the class.  Lots of stuff in this class is maintaining speed. His best lap was when he carried more speed though turn 8.  Peak speed 37.2 mph. 3504 rpm.  Average of 29.2 mph. Peak G's of 2.11 G left. 1.74 G right. 

We stayed until about 2 pm, the third time the kart tossed the chain, Michael was done for the day. It was about 95F, and seemed like a good idea to me too. 

 So I might be getting a new GHX50 engine for this kart. I don't know how old this one is, and it doesn't seem to have as much straight line speed as some of the other karts. It might be some clutch things.  Either way, always good to have a spare, right?

It only looks like something exploded. 

Honda 50cc engine loosened up so I could remove and inspect the clutch

It looks like the alignment isn't 100%. 

The seat brace is in the way of getting any tool in there to get the clutch bolt tight.

Doing some cleaning/inspection. Improving a few things. Will clean the carb again. Its about a once a test thing. I cleaned the muffler. I will change the spark plug after the first start up.  Will do an oil change, filter. Drained the gas tank. 

Happy 4th of July!

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