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Michaels Second Race in Kid Kart

  Getting everything prepared to load in the Infiniti for the next day Michael's second race with Tri- C Karters was on August 7th, 2021.  I had some problems with the kart and clutch, so even though it was a night race, we went a bit early to do some testing before racing.  We did one test session, and then decided to just chill until the evening racing.  The track format was slightly different than the configuration we normally use.  The Ryobi 18 volt cooler/blower. It moves a little bit of air, but you have to be sitting right next to it to really feel it.  Michaels kart now decorated with stickers Our setup in the upper paddock. I would rather be in the lower paddock. It can be a bit of a walk pushing the kart Michael at Marlees Taqueria The kart kept tossing the springs out of the clutch. I had the engine/clutch off the kart three times, trying to get it to work. I really struggled with it. One time I worked to get it fixed. Tested it in the pits, then it failed on the grid. I